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  ExtremeCrypt     No Serious Adversaries     ExtremeCrypt
      CANNOT be Stopped  Blocked  Hacked IMMUNE from All Threats

Data security is ExtremeCrypt
      ExtremeCrypt solutions are easy-to-use superb streamlined impenetrable state-of-the-art  data security countermeasures. Exceptional force fields surround your computing and data activities with up to 500 years protection. You can quarantine , lock , hide "Top Secrets" and "Top Secret" project's activities from beginning to end - 1 year , 3 years - stop leaks, theft, snooping , sabotage. Now Your Are Protected.
      Unique   Unequalled .
Tested tried tuned in your real world. Unique "Confusion" "Stealth" products and strategies with thousands of choices keeping "Top Secrets" Unseen Unknown Untouchable until you decide, stopping ALL adversaries.No weak links.Multiple cipher encryption. Hidden file transfers: local , global . Click connected talk NOBODY hears your calls or reads your files Invincible for 250 years that is Extreme Control. World-class "clean" security systems ,no governments' links , backdoor entry's or saved security keys.Our Ultimate 40,000 hrs experience comfort zone for you.                               "Top Secrets" :$1mil.to $100bn can be managed moved stored by ExtremeCrypt users around the office region world,out-of-sight.You decide who knows.The powerful security tools cannot be hacked or breached. Work with "Top  Secret" 100mb documents 5GB CAD , video files.  Save ,lock ,hide and send them to colleagues in Beijing  Santiago Wellington while chatting to them.Under the radar and NO MORE EMAILS. Now you have all you need .
       Easy-to-use  affordable products kill threats to your "Top Secrets".
Our systems withstand  8bn attacks per second for 250 years keeping "Top Secrets" unknown , unseen , untouchable until you decide. Clients have access to detailed help ,stealth strategies,reference pages with Client Access (Above). 
Read through the solutions below and choose the best for your "Top Secrets" environment :
Exceptional protection against Malicious Hardware , Evil-Maid , Tempora , Boundless Informant, Prism , CryptoLock, Royal Concierge, Cold Boot  XKeyscore. NOBODY breaches our defences.
ExtremeTomb notebooks untouchable security for "Top Secrets" in ExtremeVaults  locked hidden for 250 years.
ExtremeCitadel servers, Unique anti-attack servers Static and Mobile  locks Trusted Persons in all others
out. Blocked: USB DVD.Unique Worlds Portable Stealth Server
ExtremeBunker :For " CEO Eyes Only". The  CEO's secure , private company "Top Secrets"  workstation data store with  250 years security.
ExtremeVault :The Unseen Unknown Untouchable element of ExtremeCrypt products.It protects and secures "Top Secrets" for 400 years
      ExtremeDrive :Portable personal office with ExtremeGo keeps "Top Secrets" Unseen Unknown .
ExtremeSentinel  hidden Start Menu  with unhackable security tools , Personal Information Manager  Images Manager  Files Manager Finance Manager plus more Apps.
       ExtremeCapsule :The Unseen Unknown Untouchable File transfer system
    Secured unseen anywhere anytime global end-to-end voice video file transfer
     TOR I'net browsing in restricted countries.      
     400 year security-key lock files Backup-Restore manager for "Top Secrets".
ExtremeBak with portable locked hidden ExtremeGuards for each ExtremeCrypt solution     
Setup ExtremeTomb Trusted Persons "Closed Circuits" to collaborate on "Top Secrets" projects locally globally stop leaks theft snooping sabotage.
Best  security-key  practices  making stolen , captured data unhackable  for 400 years
Custom data security planning for your business  - easy-to-use tailored affordable solutions with real-time strategies and NO MORE EMAILS.

Our IT experience covers over 40,000 hours and 19,000 users in major industries and services since 1986 with an Intel 4.77mhz processor 256KB memory 2 360KB floppy disk drives 12" BW screen IBM compatible PC and MS-Dos 1a on a floppy disk. From there to here makes us the worlds best at protecting you. Continued Below..

  Why You need"Top Secrets"Protection 

In 2007  sales  of notebooks overtook desktops. They became more powerful , sales increased more players entered the market , prices plummeted. This led to a surge in mobile computing and it coincided with technological leaps in internet hardware and software Now users log onto networks and servers for business , leisure and personal use anytime anywhere Because of this freedom never has so much confidential data been so unsecured , accessible and open to theft or malicious intent. With millions of hacking victims falling prey to cybercrime , daily ,from many criminals and Security Agencies and getting worse ,all "Top Secret" data is open to theft and capture. That is why you must make sure all "Top Secrets" are untouchable from everybody , from every source. ExtremeCrypt does not care if your "Top Secrets" are stolen because if you follow our guidelines it will take any thief at least 250 years of brute force attacks to crack your security key. There are a range of tools to increase security up to 300years.Throughout this site we provide timely information , products and solutions to ensure your security protection and success.

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