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We know that there are cyber crimes and cyber criminals everywhere now , in the 21st century. They feature at least once a week in world news bulletins. It is hard to believe that in 1995 when ExtremeCrypt staff were setting up clients first internet ready PC Pentium computers with 4,400 kilo bit per second modems plugged into a two way adapter to share with the desk phone and Netscape Version 0.9  internet browser that we would be producing the very best anti cybercrime systems to fight against the intrusion , theft and hacks on personal computing and data .
We know 7,000 years ago the Chinese lawmakers were dealing with fraud break ins theft , so human behaviour does not change. Presented with new challenges there are always more than enough new challengers ready to test themselves legally and illegally. 
Conventional areas of law enforcement are some 300 years old and well understood and mature. When a complex and unconventional  global industry appears   without laws or boundaries then we see something that has never happened. The global computing network now completely drives the world. If your car does not start you can get a taxi catch a bus or train. If hypothetically the entire global computing system collapsed the world would cease to function smoothly and the wholesale collapse of every major area of life would follow . For very complex technical , commercial and military-industrial reasons that will never happen but the total dependence on blanket global computing networks now means that there is a massive intricate uncontrolled industry that cannot ever be adequately policed. This is partly due to the lack of in-depth knowledge of ground-level computing because the cybercrime fighters of today are largely senior police officers and some military seconded from their conventional roles to the cybercrime arena - American Army Generals run the NSA , I rest my case , and the  multilple technologies that is the global Internetwork - of which your "internet" is only a part - they rely heavily on the largely American software companies providing "Security products" at extremely inflated prices. It is the classic "Throwing money at  the problem" instead of good old-school brainstorming - ExtremeCrypt's major asset , it works , we are unbreakable because we know - from 1986 to today. Check the items below  regularly to help you understand what you need to do to stay safe secure and successful  and make sure you contact us if you feel vulnerable:

Catch up with this weeks attacks from around the world                               Latest Updates

Here find some of the new ways being used to commit  cybercrimes          New Ways and Means  
This shows some of the damage various hacks attacks produce                   Results of Hacks and Attacks

Below is how we stop uninvited outsiders causing you any trouble:-

                                                                                  The Secure Means To Your Happy Endings

ExtremeTomb notebook arrives to you with two user accounts setup. The Administrator account -the one we use to setup ExtremeTomb  -  the one you normally use and a standard user account. ALWAYS use the standard account when on the internet because standard users do not have access to  important Administrator permissions and if anybody does hack its harder to get your "Top Secrets" .
ExtremeCitadel  Domain server is owned by the Trusted Persons group. It sits in your Domain but is specifically setup locked down and locked out of normal Domain Controller and Domain Administrators control and management functions. ExtremeTomb  Trusted Persons  can logon and perform their  "Top Secrets" folders and files management. It is fully prepared ,ready to plug into to your Domain and start work with our guidance. 
is a  portable  locked down  "office in a pocket" designed to allow  Trusted Persons to move  current "Top Secrets" around in a timely fashion between other Trusted Persons. It can be used with Extremecitadel and ExtremeTomb.

ExtremeSentinel is your optional powerful hidden Start Menu. It contains your essential security and communication tools as well as personal daily task programs. Together it allows you to keep all your personal and private computing hidden and locked . Your security key unlocks it when you open ExtremeVault  the unseen unknown untouchable volumes in ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive which lock hide and secure "Top Secrets" for 250 years

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