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Today ExtremeCrypt has accumulated over 40,000 hours of computer expertise and experience since 1986 involving networks (Local and Wide area) hardware , software , internet and training experience spread across 5 major corporate sectors involving more than 19,000 users from CEO's to professionals, receptionists and operatives in factories , minesites , warehouses , education. This experience exposed us to every day handling , management and security of many types of data from boardroom memos and emails to 500mb tenders and contracts  to 5GB plots and overnight backups of up to 2TB of data plus day to day fixes for networks , hardware/software and users computers.Over 1.9 billion computers and increasing numbers of Windows Tablets Smartphones internet connected Playstations and Xboxs SmartTV's and of course all your cars digital devices populate the planet . Since 2007 notebook sales have exploded bringing massive privacy data security and internet security headaches presenting these real Threats To You . The catchcry is everything mobile so the 2 biggest benefits and threats to those notebooks are USB devices and the internet. They are also the sources of the massive 2000% increase in the computer crime spree of the last 6 years and increasing and until recently , unstoppable . Now add Facebook Linkedin Twitter and Android devices  into the mix and the crime spree just increases. How much , given the weakness of the majority of "anti hack and attack" packages , my guess is the annual total of which you are relieved is more than $10 billion dollars spread across some 30 or so usual suspect  "digital financial  crime syndicates" plus data , personal identity  and financial details theft                                  .              

ExtremeCrypt was formed in 2004 to specialise in notebook computer "mobile office" highest security products (See Products Menu) to counter this computer crime spree. With so many "Top Secrets" being left on car seats on train plane seats desks , unattended for periods of time it had become essential that means were available to those who could not afford to have "Top Secrets" misplaced or get into the wrong hands We have expanded our range of products to cover new forms of threats offering you greater security.

Todays ExtremeCrypt products and solutions give you the worlds most secured advanced self-contained systems . ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb ExremeDrive are the ultimate privacy data security internet security email security and  global communications system  unique to ExtremeCrypt . These are designed to provide 250 years of security and stress management of all "Top Secrets". ExtremeCrypt products and solutions can accommodate every corporate business and individual privacy data security and internet security concern. Every client has unconditional help advice and support permanently.Please do not hesitate to let us know of any concerns you have about your computing security.

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