Under Our Hood          

Here we explain how we employ up-to-date techniques and methods for your safety security success. The easier a device is to use the more complicated and advanced the electronics and engineering under the hood - out of sight. Driving your car is a good example. About 4,000 components work in unison to get you from A to B safely by polling your driving every few milliseconds and adjusting components through  your cars computer.

                                                                                                   Watching Your Back
ExtremeCrypt products  are chosen for being "clean". They do not have any government links or Backdoor entry's and do not save security keys. We continually watch what you are doing and use their built in safety measures to protect you as you work with ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb or ExtremeDrive.  You are oblivious to these under-the-hood activities but they provide you with the best essential computing security and protection , backed up with ExtremeCrypts 12,000 hours  of  selecting , using and testing all  the ExtremeCrypt  security software in the real world  continually watching out for your protection and security. Do not confuse any Biometric systems with ExtremeCrypt.These systems are alternatives to Username Password systems ,not data security and protection systems.These Threats To You  show the real every-day dangers.

ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb ExtremeDrive and ExtremeSentinel are designed for the ease-of-use and management of "Top Secrets"  anytime anywhere always secured and protected. They are designed and brutally tested  to stop uninvited "aliens"  performing unwanted , unauthorised activities behind your back.  ExtremeCrypt carefully ensures  all network and internet traffic is monitored real-time , and stopped if not used by the programs and services in use at that time Our world class secured IP telephony systems let you talk freely in complete unhackable comfort  .

Your Security ..No Compromises
To secure and protect you, ExtremeCitadel  ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive  and ExtremeSentinel utilise  independent personal and network security tools to provide your hardened protection while giving you complete stress free computing freedom. The first consideration was to provide an impenetrable  "Force Field" system for your "Top Secrets". This is done by providing attack hardened secured "Top Secrets"  volumes. These are ExtremeVault ExtremeSafe and ExtremeCab. Setting volumes consists of  a series of specialised procedures which can take up to 6 hours per volume. Each volume is specially formatted , unlike Microsoft formatting which leaves an empty disk , this fills the complete volume with scrambled binary data ,  it s not possible to distinguish what or where the encrypted data  is.

Best Protection Is Meticulous Preparation
So that your data can be protected for at least 250 years , very high powered brute force anti attack hardened ciphers are used to encrypt the scrambled binary data and your "Top Secrets" , when the ciphers are chosen a security key  is entered , together they are encrypted with another  different key and the formatting starts. ExtremeCrypt specialists have used this security tool since 2004 and are among the worlds most experienced  installers and troubleshooters of it. When formatting finishes a new impenetrable ExtremeCrypt volume is born. The combination of an ExtremeCrypt  volume and your security key  provides your 250 years protection. Your "Top Secrets" in these volumes are always encrypted and unhackable , at least until your great great grandchildren are 40 years old. ExtremeCrypt volumes are not visible  until you unlock them.

The Key To Being Unknown Unseen Untouchable...Until You Decide

Safety-Security On The Move

Next , consideration was given to the securing and protecting of "Top Secrets"  in ExtremeCrypt volumes after they are shown in explorer and when you want to move them around between other ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb or ExtremeDrive colleagues. These operations could be transferring them between ExtremeCitadel , ExtremeTombs or ExtremeDrives across town or around the world using Extreme Communicator with secured unhackable voice-to-voice video and file transfers or Private Network  secured file transfers NOBODY can break in . The Secure Internet Phone is a best-in-class fully secured end-to-end anytime anywhere call system NOBODY can listen inand all the setup is done ready for ExtremeCrypt users  to start calling each other but no outsiders . ALL these systems are invitation only , certain information must be known to senders and recievers to initiate connections All  ExtremeCrypt security tools their operation and "Confusion" Stealth Strategies are offered to clients when they receive their security key to login to Client Access after receiving their products. 

Security Tools

ExtremeCrypt provides two of the worlds best-of-breed  file encryption programs you use to strongly secure your file(s) before transmitting them.  You have two options to choose from. The two tools  give you powerful protection on their own or together. We strongly recommend you use them to lock "Top Secrets" before any file transfers when using ExtremeCommunicator or Private Network.

They sit in ExtremeSentinel . The first Encrypt Single Files encrypts single files using your security key. This is useful if you have a large
"Top Secrets" file to be transferred.
The other is  the most powerful program in its class. It is best suited when you want to bundle a set of files EG  20mb-500mb of "Top Secrets" . First the files are compressed and archived , a form of encryption then you  setup a full strength  encryption by entering your security key twice. Again you get at least 250 years protection.

All  ExtremeCrypt security tools their operation and "Confusion" Stealth Strategies are offered to clients when they receive their security key to login to Client Access after receiving their products.

Your Worldwide Protection
ExtremeSentinel  has your  Private Network(VPN) and ExtremeCommunicator.These are ExtremeCrypt client accounts only.
The Private Network  allows secure global file transfers between ExtremeTomb clients anytime anywhere . When ExtremeTomb - with ExtremeSentinel - colleagues form their "Closed Circuit" this secure network allows larger volumes of files - 200mb up to 2GB- depending on location and internet speed  All share a single logon facility and are logged onto their Private Network . You all see each others  "secure folder" which holds the "Top Secrets" to be moved and you have a chat facility to decide what files are moved between the group. Members can be local 20Klm's away or global , 6000 Klm's . A further safeguard is to archive and encrypt  "Top Secrets" before moving them.
ExtremeCommunicator is a world leading global secure voice-to-voice , video , file transfer system that needs  security key permission to setup a connection. ExtremeCrypt users exchange security keys to use when either wants to connect. Then with at least 650kbps bandwidth voice video and file transfer can be used , conferencing can also be setup.It is also used to provide clients with Remote Desktop help and advice wherever the client is  Extreme Phone.One of the worlds best easy-to-use systems that incorporates the latest streaming security technology which means NOBODY can listen in Adding deleting editing contacts is quick and clean, connections are quick and there is provision for conference calling.
ExtremeCrypt has done extensive research and real world testing on the above products with the aim of letting clients enjoy a NO MORE EMAILS fully secured stress free communications and file transfers environment regionally and globally.

Unwitting Practices And Security Loopholes

Huge security problems exist because of the  lack of experience or knowledge of many tasked with securing  computers , networks , webservers , switches , routers , general servers , protection utilities : anti-virus  anti malware ,spyware,ransomware and firewalls.
ExtremeCrypt must know because our clients manage files a couple of steps above the  monthly coffee and cookie  order.     

ExtremeCrypt also installs a worlds-best-practice anti virus package and sets it to fully protect you. This is ranked by many as the No 1 - we have used it for 5 years very successfully -and we set it up to perform full real-time scanning of your RAM , internet traffic , email and attachments and its "sandbox" is activated to move anything suspect into it while you decide what to do. The firewall and the anti virus and your standard user account (See below) will stop physical intrusion but up to 15% of internet security breaches occur through emails (See Above) which can only be cured by mailserver administrators blocking all outside emails - not an option -  so you need to scrutinise every email before just clicking it open , if it looks funny or too different just Delete now and ALWAYS go to spam and delete everything as well and once a week go to your web browsers Tools > Delete Browser History  tick ALL the boxes and Delete and at least once a month cleanup your inbox and empty your Delete folder.

The Secure Means To Your Happy Endings

ExtremeTomb notebook arrives to you with two user accounts setup. The Administrator account -the one we use to setup ExtremeTomb  -  the one you normally use and a standard user account. ALWAYS use the standard account when on the internet because standard users do not have access to  important Administrator permissions and if anybody does hack its harder to get your "Top Secrets" .
ExtremeCitadel  Domain server is owned by the Trusted Persons group. It sits in your Domain but is specifically setup locked down and locked out of normal Domain Controller and Domain Administrators control and management functions. ExtremeTomb  Trusted Persons  can logon and perform their  "Top Secrets" folders and files management. It is fully prepared ,ready to plug into to your Domain and start work with our guidance. 
is a  portable  locked down  "office in a pocket" designed to allow  Trusted Persons to move  current "Top Secrets" around in a timely fashion between other Trusted Persons. It can be used with Extremecitadel and ExtremeTomb.

ExtremeSentinel is your optional powerful hidden Start Menu. It contains your essential security and communication tools as well as personal daily task programs. Together it allows you to keep all your personal and private computing hidden and locked . Your security key unlocks it when you open ExtremeVault  the unseen unknown untouchable volumes in ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive which lock hide and secure "Top Secrets" for 250 years

Now when you work with your ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb ExtremeDrive  you have some idea of whats happening Under Our Hood.

Happy and Secure computing and be aware of the real
Threats To You


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