Client Charter

ExtremeCrypt  endeavours to offer you , our future client , a comprehensive , fully encompassing secret secure total computing environment . We are not aware of any comparable total untouchable  secured hardened personal computing products and solutions being offered elsewhere.

By now you will have read through the website and will know the full extent to which we cover major business   personal computing activity. The emphasis is and always will be to use the best range of personal security computing tools available to keep your "Top Secret" activities well and truly off everybody's radar and out of their reach.

Much emphasis is also placed on segregating Trusted Person groups. Those preparing tenders from those researching product development from those negotiating expansion loans etc. Strict "Need-to-know". The unknown cannot be made known.

In these days of the mass availability of many types of personal information and the ever increasing encroachment of  legal and illegal computing activities to get that information it's becoming difficult  for  people to remain private and anonymous  in  areas of their life they want to protect.   

Today ,one set of personal details can reside in as many as 12 different databases. Mortgage , drivers licence , insurance policies 3 ? , doctor , law firms ,  bank , contract companies , lease companies etc. etc. Many will not  destroy you or your business or financial position. But there are those of you who know they are always at risk because of the nature of their business. Also many do have "Top Secrets" that are crucial to successful business operations. Its their theft or leaks that can be impossible to detect and slowly financially or contractually debilitate your business , it just dries up. We stop that.

Those business activities have to be at least 90% computer based. If "Top Secrets" are involved then the crucial aspect of the activities is how secret and anonymous can those activities be ?   ExtremeCrypt has spent  over 15,000 hours developing  products and solutions that provide you with built in 99.99% "Stealth" security and protection , 0.01% is the human element , under your control.

The "Stealth" element , by its nature of being unseeable, provides a great deal of anonymity - unseen , unknown, untouchable - until you decide.

ExtremeCrypt further strengthens your
anonymity . We do not record any details of you. We do not request any of your details thereby have no knowledge of you. You pay for your products by direct credit transfer and you nominate the delivery credentials , for example a PO box , locked bag , C/O  Federal Express , UPS etc. office.

Product  orders receive a unique client ID reference number. When Alison Roberts orders 2 ExtremeTombs, initially she provides her name as the purchaser. She will be contacted to confirm her order and be informed of the payment terms and conditions and approximate delivery date . Once the order is confirmed her ExtremeTombs are given her unique client reference numbers - 1 for each - which are sent to her.

ExtremeCrypt NEVER contacts clients because a number of computer operations records user activities when running which can be copied. We use secret secure communications that allow you to contact us and for both of us to communicate : It is not email. Since we do not know you and only have a client reference number we cannot unwittingly or otherwise divulge your details. You can contact us at any time with ANY  warranty issues , problem , query , suggestion , feedback , comment - polite we hope. Just attach one of your client reference numbers and we will always respond. ExtremeCrypt does not operate in the public domain and is a private computing security specialist organisation.

ExtremeCrypt continually  research's  tests rejects accepts  compatible  hardware , software technologies as they are introduced to the market. As new  product enhancements are released clients are informed of their new or enhanced hardware or software function through CLIENT ACCESS>ExtremeCrypt News.

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