ExtremeCitadelM: Imagine setting up a no-mains-power self-contained "secret kitchen table mobile network" with its unique notebook server and  1 to 3 ExtremeTombs Trusted Persons - just ordinary looking notebooks -  managing $500mill. worth of "Top Secrets" UNSEEN UNKNOWN UNTOUCHABLE. Two hours later do Backups with ExtremeBak , disconnect power down store in the carry bag (3 KG's) ,a cold beer ,job well done.This unparalleled level of security allows Trusted Person groups to quickly and easily convene meetings with their up-to-date "common data" anywhere anytime. Ready to work for you,now. ExtremeCitadelM notebook servers have powerful global secured video voice calls  communications tools to be used between that ExtremeCitadelM group anywhere anytime. This powerful self-contained "Top Secrets" Server 2012  Stealth mobile server is ready to go,no settings or changes needed .  USB DVD, printing ,1394 are blocked it has ExtremeBak ready-to-use portable backup with hidden ExtremeGuards                                                              Each is configured using your unique plan.You can have several : their capacity is from 1TB to 2TB. They have ExtremeBak(M) ready-to-use portable backup systems with ExtremeVaults,included. It has a preset username and password,more instructions in CLIENT ACCESS above They are designed to  lock and hide your "Top Secrets" allowing only your highly Trusted Persons to logon and work from the inside stopping these real Threats To You Nominally their security strength is better than 400 years to break.You nominate 1 administrator and 1 deputy admin. We supply them with instructions for administering ExtremeCitadelM in CLIENT ACCESS above.
They contain ExtremeSafeM(s) and ExtremeCabM(s) which are secured with cascaded encryption and complex security key(s) locking down and hiding your "Top Secrets". ExtremeTomb owners log on and  unlock their ExtremeCabM(s).There is no activity on ExtremeCitadelM's screen. ExtremeTomb activities are "silent"     ExtremeCitadelM is configured to the plan you provided . ExtremeCrypt products have many thousands of configurations and we use your plan to produce your unique solution(s) .                                                           Only ExtremeTomb Trusted Persons can logon to ExtremeCitadelM If an ExtremeTomb user is a Domain member they  use their network logon to work in the Domain.Their ExtremeTomb user account logs on to ExtremeCitadelM they choose an ExtremeSafeM then logon to their ExtremeCabM to work on "Top Secrets". Unauthorised  logons to ExtremeCitadelM are denied.
Once a Trusted Person has been authenticated they  choose the ExtremeSafeM and ExtremeCabM to work in. They enter their security key to access the  "Top Secrets". ExtremeSafeMs and ExtremeCabMs are set to you unique plan. Every ExtremeCabM contains folders with "Top Secrets" and needs a security key for access.Trusted Persons will have the security key(s) which unlocks their ExtremeCabM(s) ensuring maximum security and auditing. ExtremeCitadelM admins do not have any  ExtremeTomb Trusted Person Logons and cannot access ExtremeTombs , if applicable, they can only access their ExtremeCabM(s)  
                                                                          Above is a normal ExtremeCitadelM startup window. ExtremeSafe 1 , bottom of window, holds the ExtremeCabs. The bottom window shows an ExtremeTomb logged onto e$ and ExtremeCab 1 (L:)  with folder TestProj 1. When ExtremeTombs are logged off connect ExtremeBak unlock a ExtremeGuard (Left) drag and drop updated ExtremeCab(s) then shut down ExtremeGuard(s) and all is unseen unknown untouchable again.


    ExtremeCitadelM : Extreme Security   

ExtremeCitadelM takes group computing to a unique level. This World first "Closed Circuit" "Top Secrets" management system is undectable. The reality of a server and clients being connected "on the kitchen table" with $8Bn of  "Top Secrets" being managed is beyond the reach of anybody. Now  cybercrime activists hack and attack their targets with Malicious Hardware , Evil_Maid ,Tempora and Boundless Informant threats the most recent attack tools to surface. Unfortunately they are given so many opportunities that the task may appear daunting. This fully self-contained network kills them all as well as EVERY snooping government agency.
We are aware that trillions of dollars of "Top Secrets" sits on everybody's loosely secured servers. You know because when a target has been attacked - FaceBook , the White House , Microsoft , Sony , Apple ,The Pentagon Twitter etc - it makes headlines. Actually you may  have been hacked , its possible to sneak in take 2GB of your contracts financial data ... get out done. The originals are there and its undetected.
ExtremeCitadelM - by design - cannot let anybody in and because of its purpose it does not need internet use or any USB connections or anybody/any device to access it. It is the Worlds most locked down Server. "Top Secrets" files are easily accessible to work on by authorised Trusted Persons with their ExtremeTomb and ExtremeCitadelM authentication. Once logged on they have full control of folders and files in that ExtremeCab , secured files can be moved around the Domain or Enterprise and be de-classified any time by saving them to normal Domain shares and new "Top Secrets " can be added to ExtremeCitadel by Trusted Persons any time.
Every type of file can be a "Top Secret" in a ExtremeSafe ExtremeCab and every ExtremeTomb can be equipped to open and work with every file type. Working with data in ExtremeCitadelM is the same as your other Domain servers but restricted to your Top Secrets and your Trusted Persons restricting data tracking and auditing to your Trusted Persons and stopping theft , leaks and
these daily Threats To You .

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