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Today protecting your "Top Secrets" - personal , business or family is a top priority because of the large amount of information generated about all of us. Computer systems worldwide hold this information and all types of computer crime has increased 2000% over the last 7 years and increasing  making that information vulnerable. Add Facebook Twitter Linkedin and easy access to emails , internet Playstation , Xbox and smart TV's etc and the volume of personal data being used and the computer and internet crime increase , adds to the urgency of protecting yourself and those close.

Unlike 15 years ago when 80% of business and personal information was hard copy and stored in document boxes now over 98% of all information - including video , photos , sound, all graphics - is stored on network servers "cloud" servers notebooks backup tapes hard drives and USB devices - so how do you know when bad things happen ? Often you don't until its too late but the Threats To You are there,unseen, every day.    


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ExtremeCrypt products and solutions cover every personal computer environment with ExtremeTomb and ExtremeCitadel  . Your "Top Secrets" cannot be hacked cracked or attacked within 250 years. If you have any doubts about the safety security or protection of your "Top Secrets" and the devastation that may be caused if stolen and used against you rest assured we can tailor a solution for you . Contact us for a confidential discussion about your concerns or if you are an IT or computer company or consultant who thinks our products may benefit your clients please contact us :.