Hot Spot Contracts      

It is possible your organization has several contracts operating simultaneously providing your business income. The   terms and conditions of your contract(s) should always remain "Top Secret". Ideally only very trusted persons should know their contents and the "need to know" rule should be used. A contracts financial conditions will be separate from the products / services provided conditions. The financial officers only need to know the products/services are being provided and delivered as per the contract. Likewise staff producing the output concentrate on provision and delivery as per the contract. Each does not need to know the contract fine print of the others operation. Applying this dramatically reduces "scattered knowledge" of contracts. Trusted persons are only aware of the part they play. At times everybody has to interact and discuss any glitches involving the contract but "need to know" policies keep these discussions limited to that topic. It is very important that contracts are always encrypted and locked down but accessible if needed. Any important sections of your contract(s) leaked to your competitors will lead to possible price undercutting changes to delivery of products/services possible better cheaper provision of any service maintenance agreements. Ideally you want to have all "Top Secrets" at your fingertips daily. ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb (See Products above)  do this with at least 250 years protection and security .  


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