ExtremeDrive now take "Top Secrets" anywhere anytime . It is the USB portable office in your pocket allowing you to lock secure and hide your "Top Secrets" in ExtremeGo .It   holds your "Top Secrets" in ExtremeGo and has the same 250 years of security found in ExtremeTomb. It is the secure volume providing "Top Secrets" with  , unknown unseen  untouchable safety until you unlock  and unhide it with your security key to keep all Threats To You under control.                                                                                  If it is plugged into an ExtremeTomb it will be discovered and given a drive letter then using  Ctrl+x shows the datamanager window where ExtremeGo can be mounted.                                                          ExtremeDrive is  a very powerful USB portable office containing 50 plus daily task personal and business programs for a wide range of client activities including a choice of File Management programs , Calculators,  Browsers , Images manager , Personal Information Manager , Personal finance managers , Office Suite , Flowcharter , Project managers , E Reader . Most programs are Microsoft compatible.                                 When mounted ExtremeGo works with ExtremeTomb, which sees it as it is plugged in and files can be exchanged. When ExtremeDrive is plugged into a non-ExremeTomb system it will register as a normal drive and you can work with the its programs on that notebook but your locked hidden "Top Secrets" will not be accessible. Only ExtremeTombs can mount ExtremeDrive ExtremeGo . If ExtremeTomb ExtremeGo(s) are mounted files can be exchanged between them. All your work can be saved to ExtremeDrive or other nominated folders on the host ExtremeTomb.                                                     As with ExtremeTomb ExtremeVault your ExtremeGo  cannot be seen until it is unlocked. Anybody plugging ExtremeDrive into a computer will see the normal public drives only. You can plug into ExtremeTombs and move "Top Secrets" between unlocked ExtremeVaults. Using ExtremeTomb ExtremeVaults and ExtremeGo you can work directly with ExtremeCitadel ExtremeCabs  "Top Secret" files .                                                                         Top left  is ExtremeDrive at startup. Below left shows ExtremeGo1 and ExtremeGo 2  unlocked and unhidden  drives M: and R:. R: has folders with your "Top Secrets". You work as normal When done connect ExtremeBak (Left) choose an ExtremeGuard to unlock- left lower 2 and 1 are drives P: and T: drag and drop updated or new ExtremeGo files to ExtremeGuard(s). When done  lock hide  ExtremeGuard(s) then ExtremeGo(s) uplug ExtremeBak all is unseen unknown untouchable again                           


LetsYou Be Flexible And Adaptable

The ExtremeDrive suite of programs have been selected to cover a range of day-to-day tasks . They include Office tasks Project management File manager Web browsers Video conferencing Internet TV / Radio Movie Player Files Backup-Restore and for the end of the day some games and leisure programs. ExtremeGo is 250 year secured independent  "Top Secrets" ExtremeDrive volume which you can use as and when  you want to work with "Top Secrets" otherwise normal work is carried out using the programs onboard  folders,keeping everything on ExtremeDrive - including managing your backups.

Todays ExtremeDrive is ideal for those who move between ExtremeCrypt Trusted Persons , using Extreme Tomb with "Top Secrets". It is small and unobtrusive and easy to conceal. It can be plugged into Extreme Tomb and used as a normal USB drive transferring files.

The file system is set to ensure all your ExtremeDrive work is saved in folders on it enabling you to take all your work with you anytime anywhere and work with any ExtremeCrypt person. If you want total freedom and privacy for your personal computing with a very small footprint you now have ExtremeDrive and there are no Administrator hassles when using it. Just plug in and go keeping all Threats To You under control.
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