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                          ExtremeCitadelM mobile server setup

The network consists of your ExtremeCitadelM server  the USB powered ethernet switch and one network cable for each ExtremeCrypt system.


ExtremeCitadelM server and ExtremeTombs are connected using the hardware below to provide a fully mobile self-contained network.

                                                                        USB ethernet switch                                                                      1 ethernet network cable

When logged on each ExtremeTomb will open explorer .  Using  ExtremeTomb with ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeCitadelM is covered in the Client Acces Help Tips Tricks pages. This network can be setup anywhere. If the ExtremeTombs and ExtremeCitadelM  batteries are charged  this fully independent  state-of-the-art network can manage and  move your "Top Secrets" anywhere anytime with the highest level of secrecy and security on this planet and they are locked for 250 years. Physically it is just another notebook which will go through all Customs checks without problem. The cable and switch will be parts of the notebook accessories.

If you have "Top Secrets" that are difficult to transfer locally or globally because of possible leaks theft capture sabotage from known or suspect sources then this is the worlds most secured and protected system worldwide. Your "Top secrets" never leave you and you have 250 years locked hidden security and a full secured secret locked files backup-restore system - completely self-contained and independent.     

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