Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens if my ExtremeCrypt product is lost or destroyed

A: If you have used your ExtremeCrypt Backup system and those files are in a safe place we can replace your product at prevailing prices.

Q: Can my critical files be stolen or destroyed

A:There are guidelines that make it impossible for readable files to be stolen under normal situations. There may be circumstances where it is possible to steal or destroy readable files such as the user leaving ExtremeCrypt Tomb or ExtremeCrypt Vault unlocked and unattended - something which should not occur.

Q: Do I need any special training to use ExtremeCrypt products.

A: All products are normal off-the-shelf hardware and fully compatible Windows software. All the software has getting started and online help and Client Access guidance. They all have the basic Windows software format. ExtremeCrypt Support is also available to ensure you get the best from your product .

Q: How is ExtremeCrypt products different to others                                                                               

A:The products employ a range of selected security software as well as utilities and applications that lets users take control of all the decision-making management of "Top Secrets  data in one secure personal computing environment while allowing for global secure sharing of the data among trusted ExtremeCrypt users

Q:What happens if my hardware fails.

A:ExtremeCrypt offers unlimited support for ExtremeCrypt products : hardware and software. Under normal manufacters return-to-base there is a 12 months warranty.

Q: What happens if the programs become corrupt.

A:ExtremeCrypt operates a return-to-base policy that allows for one full software refresh per product during the 12 month warranty .

Q: What happens if I forget my security key

A: ExtremeCrypt has a unique security key methodology and management system. New clients undergo a rigorous period of instruction on how to build and use their unique security key . ExtremeCrypt software Does Not have any backdoor method of retrieving security keys.                    

Q: Do ExtremeCrypt Tomb and ExtremeCrypt Vault act normally when they have been unlocked 

A: When the correct security key has unlocked your 'Tomb and 'Vault(s) they are given a drive letter    by Explorer and work as normal drives. This means all your critical files can be seen. Following our guidelines will keep you and your files safe while working under these conditions.

Q: Are my security key(s) saved anywhere

A: None of ExtremeCrypt software or products save security keys. Be careful that other software and many internet browsers and software often ask if you want to save passwords Always check NO

Q: Can I change my security key

A: If you are careful this should not arise. All ExtremeCrypt security software allows for changing security key(s)

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