Hot Spot Financials     

Money makes the world go around. Sometimes it is the root of all evil. Whatever your view it is a very critical "Top Secret" aspect of your business. Normally you do not want revenues , sales , salaries , profits , investments , equipment orders pricing terms , loans , accounts payable receivable , profit loss statement , balance sheet  being waved around. You need to ensure only trusted persons have access to their area of responsibility . Often snippets of information are less valuable to competitors because they need to be connected to other areas of your financials to be of any use. Limiting the information on a "need to know" basis makes it much more difficult for your competitors to get "usable" facts and figures to use to their advantage. Your financials are an area of your business that is used daily so the relevant staff need to get to up-to-date data in a timely fashion but some of it is "Top Secret" and needs to be securely locked down but easily accessible to Trusted persons. ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb (See Products above) gives your "Top Secrets" 250 years of security and protection while allowing easy daily access.

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