Hot Spot Group Project Data     

Projects can be you and accountants discussing expansion plans new plant and equipment acquisition ,expanding the technical workforce. R & D producing speedier advances or your engineers ahead on schedule and budget. Perhaps all your designs and commissions : the drawings , discussions , pricing , client feedback , are all on track.  Now your materials lab is on the verge of improving a plastics strength while being 5% lighter.
All the time we hear stories of other people losing their "Top Secrets" and causing severe financial loss or bankruptcy. If any of the above is familiar to you then there is a very good chance some of your "Top Secrets" have been compromised at some time. We delude ourselves that our data is no good to anybody else but humans survive and thrive on competition which involves a lot of skullduggery , primarily financial gain. You have competitors some of whom will pay to get your information and not every employee or contractor is trustworthy with your sensitive data.
Because over 90% of the worlds "Top Secrets" are sitting on servers in their raw state IE  It is hot is saved as  It is hot  . Scramble it a few times and you stand a chance. With ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb (See products above) your chances stretch out to 250 years giving you and your company happier healthier and more profitable outcomes.

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