Hot Spot Human Resources     

Money makes the world go around but people make it possible. You might not think their are any secrets lurking in the HR office but every business has its group of highly prized employees or contractors. Most businesses get 80% of revenues from the the top 20% of customers. Most businesses get 80% of their income from the best efforts of their top 20% employees or contractors.
Therefore it can make sense for competitors to head-hunt your best people saving time and expense on advertising or training their own staff. Quarantining your best staff's records from the whole group and ensuring a strictly limited number of HR staff access greatly reduces copies of staff records being available to outsiders. If some of your best staff leave generally they won't disclose they were headhunted but you will not know if any HR data was released to the head-hunter.
ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb (See Products above) are affordable solutions that let selected HR staff access locked and hidden records when needed. If you have invested your time and funds in your best staff let us help you keep them and reap the benefits.

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