Hot Spot IT Computing Policies     

This is the most sensitive department of the majority of income producing activity on this planet. To many who rely on it , it still remains a mystery and is  , in the vast majority of cases just left to the IT department. Yes we have been there and done that and are still there doing that
For the large majority of IT activity your business success is not at risk. For a small minority of activity it can be severely at risk .Computing is now an activity that is performed anywhere anytime by many staff members. What data do they carry around how sensitive is it and who do you authorise to have certain types of data ?. Is anybody responsible for your business "Top secrets" ? Are your network security policies protecting "Top Secrets" on your servers. Do all IT staff have access to all data on all servers. Are all Firewalls protecting against random unwanted internet traffic?
ExtremeCrypt overcomes the problem of "scattered data". Our ExtremeCitadel special purpose Domain server holds all your "Top Secrets" . It controls who administers , logons on and has access to  the "Top Secrets" on a strictly need-to-know basis it is used with ExtremeTomb to provide the most secure "Top Secrets" system . These are your Trusted Persons so you and they have full control over "Top Secrets"  no theft no leaks.
It keeps you safe , secure and profitable.

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