Hot Spot Meetings   

Often the seeds of ideas are first discussed at an informal meeting among the relevant company persons. Generally somebody is appointed to record the points of the discussion and over the following days attendees get a copy of those discussion points.
Some of those meetings may involve the beginning of  possible "Top Secret" projects. The first outlines of development funding prototyping  building testing and production. This is a very important new line with great potential. You do not want competitors even getting a whiff of the new product.
For this scenario you should have a plan in place to lock down and secure every word of every meeting involved with this new product before the first meeting takes place. You do not want to be shutting stable doors.....!  
Always ensure only Trusted Persons who need to know the details of a particular meeting attend including the notetaker , ideally have several . Ensure the notes are entered into a secured notebook computer immediately and the notes hardcopy destroyed. You can then decide which Trusted Persons should have a printout of that meeting.Make sure backups of the notebook files are kept up-to-date. Now everybody is surprised and delighted at the successful launch of the new product.
ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb  lock and secure "Top Secrets" for 250 years (See Products above) They are easy to use and versatile , great for ensuring every new product is a success.

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