Hot Spot Planning And Costings     

Some of your regular activities will revolve around ongoing projects and production , planning and current activities along with  the current costs of them and how they are tracking against  milestones and budgets.
Some may be "Top Secret" activities that must be kept under wraps. It is difficult to keep the whole project "secret" because your workforce produce the item. Rather than trying to get them all to swear your "Oath of allegiance" play down the importance of the new product. The more its ordinary , just another new product , the less pub chatter.
Here you need to control information on a strictly "need-to-know" basis. Keep blocks of information contained to those Trusted Persons directly involved only. You will have the data in several locations : financial  suppliers  production flows  staff involved outside contractors , consultants. Here all "Top Secret" data should be placed together , locked down and secured and accessed by only Trusted Persons involved with their part of the operation.
ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb (See Products above) hold all your "Top Secrets"  , locked down and hidden for 250 years.
They are very easy to use and manage and are setup to be accessed only by your selected Trusted Persons ,no theft , no leaks. This guarantees successful profitable outcomes and healthier happier companies.

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