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ExtremeCrypt products are designed to withstand hardened brute force attacks , up to 8bn a second. Attackers use databases/dictionaries of names words symbols and characters  to get your security key. The attacks are front door and backdoor. Front door is stealing from unattended notebooks or their theft. Back door is through internet ports when you are online. Our security tools secure and hide your "Top Secrets" when not in use and work in the background when you are working ensuring files , network and internet  connections are monitored and secured in real time , stopping  all malicious  hardware , criminal or spying activities. All products have easy-to-use inbuilt files Backup-Restore and secure desktop voice-to-voice global remote support on your screen explaining as you watch and always be aware of the Threats To You

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ExtremeTomb is the worlds leading "force field" secured ,protected notebook mobile office. Designed to withstand the most brutal hacks or attacks whether you are working locally or globally , we've got your "Top Secrets" covered for up to 300 years.

 ExtremeCitadel is the worlds most secured Domain server for your "Top Secrets" Locked out and locked down from the world.Only your Trusted Persons can logon and work with your secrets. No internet  USB or unauthorised users or devices allowed

Extreme Volumes are the secured hidden elements  of ExtremeCrypt products.They contain your "Top Secrets" and are locked and hidden  with your security key

ExtremeDrive is the worlds most secured and flexible pocket drive It lets you carry  "Top Secrets" in your pocket  locked and secured letting you work anywhere anytime

ExtremeSentinel is a very  hidden private Start Menu. When ordered it is installed on  ExtremeTomb has its own special selection of programs      



The main features of ExtremeCrypt products  letting you Encrypt Lock and HIde.

Private Hidden "Top Secrets" Vaults                             Secure global remote support

"Closed Circuit" groups No leaks or theft            .       Worlds most secure domain server

Backup-Restore files as one encrypted file.                   Hidden Start Menu with personal programs

Secured Voice-to-Voice communications                       Easy-to-use data lock / unlock systems

Multi Level Data  Security                                             "Closed Circuit" Private Network

Private Information Manager                                          Secure mail-server friendly emails

The ExtremeCrypt range allows for limitless permutations from the individual user to large workgroups to whole departments. There is nothing better or safer than ExtremeCrypt  Products and Solutions to protect and  stop Threats To You .

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