Hot Spot R&D Projects     

Before the go ahead is given for that new "Top Secret" project  you should review your current data security systems. There are going to be several avenues that the data is going to be distributed to making it vulnerable to theft and leaks which often cannot be traced. You do not want results being leaked to competitors , usually for financial gain. The worst scenario is you finding out that your competitor has gained a jump on you .
From the outset make sure you initiate a need-to-know policy. This allows only those Trusted Persons who need to know the progress of the project as it relates to their role in it. The CFO does not need to know the chemists work likewise the chemist.
Next make sure your "Top Secret" project data can be saved to locked down secure computer systems which allow only your Trusted Persons to  access their data. The CFO sees their data but cannot get to the chemists , likewise the chemist. Under no circumstances do Trusted Persons ever have computer access to anybody else's data. Trusted Persons can agree to share data and ExtremeCrypt products allow data sharing among trusted Persons.
ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb (See Products above) let Trusted Persons lock down secure and hide all their "Top Secrets" for 250 years , no theft , no leaks making for a happier healthier company. 

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