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ExtremeCrypt protects you by watching for possible attackers.Our products monitor avenues of attack and warn you or stop them. If you lose the unloseable contract or 3 top clients leave you suddenly , do you do a follow up? Probably not? Unwitting bad data management is the single biggest cause of corporate government and military "Top Secrets" computer theft. Over 70% is not reported , would you tell the world. Your most valuable assets are intellectual financial and contractual. If your intellectual and financial history were stolen and given to competitors ,can you calculate the cost? See Above IMPORTANT RULES > Electronic Storage for a true horror story. Which is why we exist. Governments Industry Intelligence Fraud Police have lost the massive cyber crime fight , its all a rearguard action Cyber Hydras are everywhere and with powerful western governments out to get you also ExtremeCrypt is the new powerful unbreakable untrackable unhackable specialist keeping you obscure and secure. 

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This case made headlines: In July 2008 Daniel Dantes was suspected of financial crimes.The Brazilian police seized his computers . The drives were password locked .They tried to break them for 5 months , they failed.They called the FBI. Thru 2009 - 2010 they tried and failed.Add to this the insecurity of Facebook Twitter Linkedin etc.and your personal details become more unsecured as  attacks become regular events.

ExtremeCrypt has used the above security system since 2005 - we do not condone criminal activities -making us among the most experienced specialists using this technology in our suite of security tools. This is one of 3 independent levels of worlds-best-practice security tools we offer in the ExtremeCrypt  security system , offering the ultimate in mix and match  multiple-encryption "Top Secrets" security and protection. We offer our optional split security key system with 2 of our security tools. This system splits the security key so both parts are needed to unlock your files. This is a permanently  unbreakable system, we advise on its use and we offer unlimited assistance outlining and designing your ExtremeCrypt environment.

ExtremeCrypt uses  "Closed Circuits" when ExtremeCrypt Trusted Persons collaborate on "Top Secret" projects. ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive can be mixed and matched to provide the most flexible local or global communications between the Persons in the "closed circuit".The Circuit members manage every aspect of their "Top Secrets" management. All their data is locked down to two levels and cascade encrypted at all times when not in use. They administer and control ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive no outsiders are allowed - access is denied- and are locked out of the ExtremeCrypt security system. This provides the best "Top Secrets" data and user tracking and auditing in the world.

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ExtremeCrypt staff were training the first internet users in early 1995 and setting up their computers. Our ExtremeCrypt gives you the worlds best complete Trusted Persons and "closed circuit" communications. We have been meticulous providing super strength secured communications between Trusted Persons and ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive during normal daily tasks - file transfers and sharing , emails  internet and internet video. It is well known that various "people" and governments are hacking into phone and data systems worldwide without any safeguards for you ,the innocent victim .If all they get is ExtremeCrypt locked secured gobbaldygook nobody gets your original data and you are safe.

Having choices is very important . We all know of the cashier who put the days takings in the bag , left the office at the same time , took the same route to the bank every day. On day 11 the cashier was knocked on the head and relieved of the takings. Well sending your "Top Secrets" and emails and having chat or live video sessions regularly using the same methods days times makes life very easy for "criminals". Hacking and attacking is not the problem making it easy is.

To let you make choices to stop you being a victim we provide  different technologies in the security tools toolbox that secures locks and hides your "Top Secrets" , that you can utilise seperately or mix and match. ExtremeCitadel ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive have security tools which  work together allowing Trusted Persons the flexibility to collaborate at all times. All clients have access to our comprehensive UserGuides once they have purchased and received their products plus unlimited ongoing support. All ExtremeCrypt  Windows software has full inbuilt or online Help. Our goal is to destroy all Threats To You

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    Special support

    There are many varying computing environments across a lot of different industries and services . They are also located in many global regions.ExtremeCrypt is always aware of  varying degrees of  ease and difficulty of computing operations  around the world. Clients receive specialised assistance and guidance in these circumstances. Our aim is to destroy all Threats To You