Today ExtremeSentinel is the most powerful personal Start Menu available. It is optional and when ordered it is  hidden and locked within the first ExtremeVault in ExtremeTomb.   It contains the strongest selection of "Top Secrets" security and protection tools in one personal Security Locker  on any computer                               ExtremeSentinel has state-of-the-art security and protection tools that let you lock and secure your "Top Secrets" for at least 250 years. The tools cover security and protection for personal local and global managing of "Top Secrets". They allow for ExtremeCitadel ,  ExtremeTomb or Extreme Drive clients to work together locally or globally with their "Top Secret" Trusted Persons files. ExtremeSentinel groups its programs by category. The main ones being:                                                             Files Manager offering enhanced explorer  type  apps. Delete and Wipe apps for full deletion. A  leading file defragmentation app.                                                  Images Manager with screen capture  Google earth  PDF reader  Photo gallery with manager.                              Office Tasks Manager with a suite of compatible MS Office Apps. Voice notes recorder.  Text to speech. Backup files.                                                                          Sentinel security tools with a File archiver with a powerful encrypted security-key locking system that lets you transfer "Top Secrets" over secured file transfer systems. ExtremeCrypt  secured end-to-end  "Under-the-radar" Voice-to-voice and video global remote desktop manager-forget emails and cell phones-both give secure file transfer and secure chat / message  system.Unhackable encrypted IP phone.                   Entertainment Manager with 2  leading movie - video   apps  a  music-tunes manager/player.                          Projects Manager with 3 medium level Project managers and  a Visio type  flowchart app                           Calculators with General , Maths and Scientific   calculators.                                                                    Money Manager with 2  personal income expenditure  apps. keeping financial details private.                                   There are over 50 apps in ExtremeSentinel covering many daily tasks for a wide range of clients -all locked and hidden.
Above top  is the startup window for ExtremeSentinel. In each folder are a group of programs for specific tasks. The Sentinel folder has the security tools providing very powerful anti-intrusion , anti attack tools. Above the Images Manager folder displays those progams.The window below shows the ExtremeSentinel program group including the 1GB 2GB and 5GB  ExtremeCapsules.


     Your Personal Private Menu     

ExtremeSentinel is optional and is in the first ExtremeVault in ExtremeTomb.It also operates ExtremeDrive. It has a powerful set of security tools for encrypting and securing files and a selection of programs covering a range of daily work and business tasks. All ExtremeCrypt products are setup for you to save all your "Top Secret" files to their folder in that product. For the first time ExtremeSentinel gives you the tools for:

Untrackable local global  voice-video , file transfer options.
Secure  locked hidden file archive encryption- 250 yrs protection
"Closed Circuit" Secured Private  Network 
Secured Voice-to-Voice communications

Secured  encrypted files Backup - Restore.
Voicemail attachments
Private Information Manager: Import from outlook
Secured encrypted  local , global IP phone system-cannot be listened to.
Full Office Suite
Private Finance Manager

When  working  it looks and feels like Start Menu. It has a range of Windows programs in their own folder They include  Browsers  Communications Manager  File Manager  Images Manager  , a range of security tools. Office Tasks Manager - complete MS Office 2003,2007,2010 compatible - Business programs suite ,   Projects Manager  Personal Finance Manager  and Backup-Restore centre.You decide what is "Top Secret" and where you want to save it. You will have 2 or more ExtremeVaults to choose from. The Menu work area gives you complete freedom of choice as to where files are loaded from and saved to. Your Menu is driven with a hot-key combination which opens / closes it as needed and a full shutdown hotkey when finished. It contains over 60 programs so that the widest range of clients are catered for. We provide a Menu / work environment which allows for the best privacy security outcomes for you and your "Top Secrets"  

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