Hot Spot Tenders     

This is one of your most important "Top Secrets" data management areas. From the initial investigations of the contract companies needs and expectations to discussions with them , clarifications and the decision to prepare a tender.
All these processes produce their own documentation. As each meetings documents containing confidential notes requests costs staff names timelines etc. increase up until the start of tender preparation it is at this point you are vulnerable.
How do you manage the security of the document bundle which contains all the preparatory data you depend upon to start writing a draft tender. You may store physical and data documents . The contents of Physical documents are not easily or affordably secured and can always be read and copied.
Data documents  are more easily locked out and locked down on ExtremeCrypt security systems for more than 250 years. More importantly you can choose Trusted Persons who can access only certain aspects of the various steps of your processes. We all blurt out unwitting disclosures only realising the error when its too late so the heart does not grieve what the eye or ear is not aware of.
Once you have done the hard work toward that important contract use the best of todays affordable ExtremeCitadel and ExtremeTomb technologies to keep it unseen unknown and untouchable until you are ready : the day you submit the tender.           

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