ExtremeTomb is a powerful anti brute force attack - 8bn a second - notebook "mobile office". It is configured with your unique plan keeping your "Top Secrets" unknown unseen untouchable until you decide and these  Threats To You are why. It looks and oprerates like a normal notebook. It is supplied with ExtremeBak ready-to-use portable backup system with ExtremeGuards ,  included. ExtremeTomb should remain a stand-alone unit but we can set it up for your network with a normal network log on. The secured "mobile office" will be invisible to the network , it cannot work with ExtremeCitadel while on the network Off the network the owner can unlock ExtremeVaults and log on to ExtremeCitadel ExtremeCabs. ExtremeTomb has secured hidden ExtremeVaults which hold your "Top Secrets" and these are known to the Trusted Person only.                           When ExtremeTomb is started ExtremeVaults are hidden . They are the worlds most secure data volumes that look and act as normal explorer drives once you unlock them. They talk to  , internet , printers USB devices etc and are easily linked to other  ExtremeCrypt products  with trusted  high security access to ExtremeCitadel. ExtremeTomb is locked down from outside access , only the Trusted Person owner has full control ,there is no access from the Domain but the owner can logon and work in the Domain if setup to.

ExtremeCrypt specifically designed ExtremeTomb to let you have your "Top Secrets" with you all the time.  ExtremeTomb is configured with your plan : typically -depending upon Disk size- bewteen 2 and 4  ExtremeVaults  of  between 150GB and 250GB each - hold your "Top Secrets". Only your strong security key(s) can unlock the Vaults using CLIENT ACCESS above.  All  your normal software is installed and setup and your work routines remain the same with the added protection of the security tools which you control with your security key(s) giving up to 250 years security per Vault. For full secure Global communications and powerful security tools ExtremeCrypt offers our optional unique ExtremeSentinel with security toolbox.                                                             It is installed in ExtremeVault_1 and you start it once ExtremeVault_1 is mounted. ExtremeSentinel allows secured global end-to-end voice-to-voice video and file transfers between ExtremeCrypt users.Our systems are not to be confused with Biometrics which substitute Windows  logon  Username Password. We give you secure global remote support and CLIENT ACCESS above..

The first window above left is a normal ExtremeTomb startup display. Now your ExtremeVaults can be unlocked and unhidden.Here ExtremeVault 1 has ExtremeSentinel installed, ExtremeVault 2  holds folders with "Top Secrets" files.When finished connect ExtremeBak unlock ExtremeGuard(s) drag and drop updated or new "Top Secrets" to the 'Guard(s). Lock Hide your ExtremeVaults ExtremeGuards : unseen unknown untouchable again.

         Full Control Security Freedom          

For those who work on collaborative "Top Secret" projects and would like a more secure personalised working communication setup , there is ExtremeSentinel option. All the details are in Products  ExtremeSentinel. It is placed in the first ExtremeVault and is started up once that Vault has been mounted and is in explorer. Then all its "Top Secrets" security tools are available .

With ExtremeSentinel workgroups involved in "Top Secret" projects can form "Closed Circuit" units using ExtremeTombs or ExtremeDrives - to keep all their data , backups and programs in the "Circuit" from beginning to end. No "clouds" , no thefts , no leaks and less reliance on Facebook and Twitter etc. The "Closed Circuit" security tools allow security-key locked file archives for emailing , video conferencing , controlled secured private network for 200mb + files transfers - internet speed dependent. Typically an ExtremeTomb "mobile office" would lock a "Top Secret" file archive and transmit it across the private network - locally ,globally to a destination "mobile office"  and  free WiFI areas  Airports Cafes  City centres etc. can be utilised and we protect you against Evil-Maid and Boundless Informant attacks

For todays complete solution to managing the security and mobility of your "Top Secrets" for a wide range of data protection and security environments contact ExtremeCrypt and keep all Threats To You under control.

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