ExtremeVault has a security life of up to 400 years - hardened with double-cipher encryption , 2 iterations of encryption on your "Top Secrets" and very strong entropy ensuring "Top Secrets" remain unknown unseen untouchable until you decide keeping Threats To You under control. It is the easy-to-manage hidden element in ExtremeTomb and ExtremeDrive under your control until your security key(s) unlock it Instructions in CLIENT ACCESS above. . Under normal use ExtremeVault is hidden and known only to the Trusted Person owner.  There are between 2 and 4 Vaults in ExtremeTomb and 1 or 2 in ExtremeDrive- configured with your unique plan. Each one is managed by your strong security key. 

ExtremeVault is a single element - from 100GB to 250GB capacity. The capacity cannot be changed but any number of folders and files can be created in them and managed like any other drive. Every type of file can be saved in it and they can be copied or moved between normal folders. When files become non-secret you can remove them from ExtremeVaults and new files can be moved to it. More levels of security are provided when ExtremeSentinel is ordered and installed in ExtremeVault_1.
Once  unlocked ExtremeVault is unhidden and explorer gives it a drive letter and it is a normal drive. It uses its own set of rules to  secure its contents. They are permanently encrypted in ExtremeVault and are usable when  Word Excel  AutoCad etc. loads work files . When  saved the file is secured as it is saved.You can open and close Vaults as you work.                                  Extremevaults are installed using a very strict set of rules which allow them to be permanently "non-existant" making it possible for you and colleagues  to start continue and finish any "Top Secret" project immune from any outside interference.                                                                     These rules and your security key make it impossible for any individual , team or agency to  break into an ExtremeVault in less than 400 years. All clients receive full easy-to-follow instructions to build their unique security key(s) which has trillions of possibilities.                             ExtremeVaults have a robust data Backup - Restore system . It backs up your "Top Secrets" to your independent external ExtremeBak unit which contains hidden ExtremeGuards ,  keeping your backed up data unseen unknown and untouchable , we advise you how the procedures operate  and advise on storage and ease of access when needed urgently.


   Nothing Moves Until You Decide  

Today trusted persons involved in managing the same "Top Secrets" can easily setup independent ExtremeCrypt "Closed Circuits". A combination of ExtremeCrypt products with ExtremeVaults - ExtremeDrive  ExtremeTomb - can hold all the "Closed Circuits" programs and files , including backups, ExtremeCitadel is your locked central "Top Secrets" work server.There is a robust easy-to-use fileBackup Manager. This ensures that their work never leaves their "Closed Circuit" and eliminates"clouds" data leaks,theft. The best security and stress-free peace of mind. Globally use Wifi zones in Airports Cities  Office blocks  Colleges Universities to let  ExtremeCrypt groups work together in different places  All ExtremeCrypt products are fully compatible and work seamlessly together. Todays emphasis has been placed on clients being able to transfer secured confidential data geographically without delays or hinderance among ExtremeCrypt users. Should your "Top Secrets" be intercepted  250 years  is needed to unscramble them keeping Threats To You  to you under control. 

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